Monday is Labor Day, a federal holiday. There will be only one Mass at 9AM in the main church. Please be advised that the Church and the Parish Office will close for the remainder of the day following the recitation of the Rosary after Mass.

This Wednesday, September 6, will be the last day to register your children for Religious Education this fall. We have not yet received all re-registrations for the second year of the First Communion class and for the final year of the Confirmation class. If your child is preparing for these Sacraments, please ensure timely registration to prevent them from missing out on a full year, or lagging behind their classmates. Please contact Coordinator Nelly Gutierrez at the parish office.

Adults aged 18 and above who have not yet received the Sacraments of Baptism, Holy Communion, or Confirmation are invited to a special catechesis program. These weekly sessions aim to enrich your faith and prepare you for these important spiritual milestones. For more information, reach out to Deacon Jacob Rodriguez at the parish office.

Attention to all teenagers: the Youth Ministry warmly invites you to our weekly Youth Nights, held every Friday from 7:00PM to 8:30PM in the Institute. Join us this coming Friday, September 8, as we kick off the first Youth Night after summer. Parents: we kindly ask that you encourage and remind your teenage sons and daughters to join the Youth Group. Participation will greatly benefit their spiritual and social growth. 

An essential notice for liturgical ministers and volunteers: VIRTUS training is mandatory. If you haven’t undergone training in over 7 years, or have never participated, you will need to enroll to comply with the Diocese of Brooklyn’s requirements to continue your ministry. To register, please call the parish office.

stay informed on all parish news and activities, including the Annual Catholic Appeal, you can pick up a weekly bulletin or you can read it here on our website.