March 19, 2023

The Parish Retreat on March 18th, directed by Father John Patrick Cush, was an uplifting experience for everyone who attended. We thank those who collaborated to make the day a success, especially the youth ministers, members of the Sacred Heart Fraternity and Legion of Mary who helped with the preparation of food and hospitality.

Since the start of this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal 2 weeks ago, so far 20 parishioners have pledged a total of $7,825. To this date, we have received $4,716 toward our parish goal of $67,815. We are grateful to those who have sent in their donations, and we invite everyone in our parish to consider donating to the Appeal. Commitment forms will soon be available for you. No donation is ever too small to make a big difference before God. 

We have an exciting new program to offer! This Holy Week, you are welcome to remember those who have passed and honor your loved ones, by memorializing a Palm Cross that will adorn our church garden in front of the Parish Office. The Palm Crosses with memorial labels will be on display from Palm Sunday to Divine Mercy Sunday. Cost is $30 per Cross and the deadline to order is next Monday, March 27. Please refer to the flyer found in the bulletin and at the church entrances.

Next Tuesday, March 28, there will be a LENTEN EVENING OF RECOLLECTION for all liturgical ministers, ushers, catechists, leaders and all parish volunteers starting at 7:00PM in the main church, followed by Adoration and Benediction. Guest speakers will be Father Michael Bruno, Professor of Church History at St. Joseph’s Seminary, and Father Pedro Lopez, Coordinator of the Divine Mercy Apostolate of our Diocese. 

Finally, at the end of this Mass, members of the Knights of Columbus will hand out empty baby bottles in support of The Bridge to Life, a non-profit organization that helps pregnant women in need, empowering them to choose life for their pre-born children. You can support women and support life by taking one bottle home and return it a month from today filled with change, cash or check donations.   

For detailed information on these events and other parish information, please take home a copy of our weekly bulletin or read it here on our website.