JANUARY 7, 2024

We warmly thank the children attending our Religious Education Program for your offerings which is inspiring to all of us! 

Our gratitude also extends to those who contributed to today’s second collection, supporting our diocesan missions. This helps the Church extend its resources to less fortunate foreign dioceses, reinforcing our Christian solidarity.

This Monday, January 8, marks the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, signaling the end of the Christmas season in the Church’s liturgical calendar. While Ordinary Time commences soon, it’s customary to retain the Nativity Scene longer, possibly until the Feast of the Presentation of the Lord in the Temple, also known as Candlemas. In our parish, the outdoor Nativity Scene will be displayed until month’s end to enrich our appreciation of the Lord’s gift in the birth of Christ.

Please note, however, that all weekday Masses will resume in the lower chapel starting this Monday.

We’re seeking enthusiastic individuals to become Lectors, dedicated to proclaiming the Word of God at Mass. If you have a passion for public speaking and a desire to communicate your faith effectively, we’re excited to collaborate with you. Please leave your contact details with one of our priests or at the parish office. 

Due to expected inclement weather this weekend, the Rosary Society’s monthly January meeting is cancelled and will reconvene on the first Sunday of February.

Parishioners requiring a 2023 contribution statement for tax purposes, please contact the parish office with your name and envelope number. Statements can be collected in person or mailed to you.

Attention, teenagers: Join our Youth Nights every Friday from 7:00PM to 8:30PM at the Institute across the street. Enjoy a dynamic mix of faith, fun, and fellowship. We look forward to seeing you. Feel free to bring a friend!

For detailed parish news and upcoming events, please pick up a weekly bulletin or read it online right here on our website.