Note to parents who have come here to Baptize their children

Thank you for bringing your children here to be baptized in this parish. Your openness to the grace of the Holy Spirit and your desire to have your children blessed by God and become part of the church is a beautiful witness to everyone. We are here to welcome you and to invite you to be more a part of this family, the church. As such, below are some helpful hints and guidelines that we believe will allow this graced moment to last a lifetime.

As part of the process of preparation for your child’s baptism, you will be asked to have a conversation with one of the priests, deacons or official representatives of the parish. This meeting is an opportunity for you to ask any questions and to get to know the people of the parish. It is another way of making this holy moment last a lifetime. At this meeting you will be asked to bring the following paperwork:

1. Your child’s original Birth Certificate (we will make a copy for you)

2. Godparents should be practicing Catholics, one male and one female.

After you have met with one of the priests, deacons or parish staff, you will be required to attend an instruction. (The Godparents must also attend this instruction; if they live far away, they may feel free to attend a conference at their local parish and obtain a letter stating that they went to the meeting). This instruction will be about one hour in length and will be held on the Tuesday before you child’s scheduled baptism. It is held at the Mount Carmel Parish Center, lower level. Attendance is mandatory.