February 6, 2022

Dear parishioners and friends of our parish,

I trust you are doing well and staying healthy in these challenging times.

As you know, our Church has faced tremendous challenges over the past two years as we have done our best to navigate the pandemic. Undoubtedly, all the decisions we’ve made have not been perfect, but we have tried to seek the mind of God and His wisdom.

These days, as Covid cases continue to plummet and fewer fully vaccinated people are hospitalized, many have expressed the hope that life can come back to some level of “normalcy”. Even in our parish, many more parishioners have returned to worship together. We’ve tried to do so with a sense of care. Like me, I am sure that you can’t wait to “get back to normal.”

During the last two years, many churches including our own have seen drops in both attendance as well as financial contributions. However, I believe God has helped us through these challenges. I have witnessed personally so much goodness and generosity on the part of many loyal parishioners who have continued to make our parish a priority on their support list. They give not only their time, talent but also their hard-earned resources. I consider them God’s special gift to me and our priests who serve here because they not only motivate us but give us hope. We are grateful.

Speaking of motivation, our visiting bishops and priests have constantly told me how impressed they are by your welcoming spirit and generosity. My goal as Pastor is to continue to encourage this positive atmosphere where people are welcomed, acknowledged, and accepted as members of one family.

I know a lot of you read the bulletin every week virtually as well as watching all our live-streaming Masses faithfully. However, I do want you to come back in person because it means so much more when you actively participate in our liturgies. Be assured that we are following all the Covid-19 protocols mandated by our Diocese and State. Do not be afraid, therefore, to come and celebrate as a community with us. For now, as long as we all attend church with a face covering, we can be assured of the safety of all. I don’t believe God’s long-term answer for us is to live online. Coming together in-person to encounter the Lord and receive Him through his Word and Sacrament is essential to our identity as Catholics.

If you are out and about doing other things such as shopping, dining out, etc., why not consider joining us for worship as well! We want to see our church family! We are strongest that way because, truly, we are meant to be on this journey together, as the theme of the upcoming World Synod of Bishops reflects.

Hoping to see more of you and your families on Sunday, I remain.

Sincerely yours in Christ,
Msgr. Cuong M. Pham