August 1, 2021

Dear parents and parishioners,

Serving at the Altar during Holy Mass is an important ministry in the Church. It is a unique opportunity for our children and youth to
participate in the spiritual life of our parish in a special way. This service allows them to understand more fully the precious gift of the
Eucharist, to grow in their personal relationship with Christ, and to develop important skills such as leadership, responsibility and confidence
in team work. In serving the Altar together, young people can form good and lasting friendships with their peers that will enrich their lives
well into adulthood.

When I was growing up in Saigon, Vietnam, I had the privilege of being an Altar Server for about ten years. The most beautiful memories
that I have of my childhood are those that were connected to this ministry. The Altar Servers Society of my home parish boasted a robust
membership of about fifty young people, recruited from among the most dedicated and religious families of our community. Our parish
priest and adult leaders would organize many extracurricular activities for us throughout the year, including retreats, excursions and
opportunities to volunteer at parish celebrations. We even formed an Altar Servers Choir that provided sacred music in our monthly Youth
Mass. Such active participation in the parish became foundational to my own faith development. It was for me the best way to experience
the Church and discover its beauty from within.

I am told that prior to the pandemic, our parish has had many dedicated and competent Altar Servers, and Nelly Gutierrez, our
Coordinator of Religious Education, was also able to recruit many more to join the group, which has not been able to meet because of
Covid–19 restrictions. It is now time for us to resume this wonderful ministry, especially for our English Masses. Children and teenagers who
have received First Holy Communion and are interested in serving the parish this way would be eligible. This commitment is possible when
parents and other members of the parish encourage them.

The priests and our congregation depend on the Servers for the continuity and the reverence of the Mass. I hope that your son/daughter
will be able to participate with us. Please contact the Rectory at 718.278.1834 or send an email to our Coordinator at, leaving your name, your child’s name and contact information. We will contact you shortly.
Thank you for the encouragement you give to your son or daughter to share their gifts with their Church. I assure you that it will be a
fulfilling service and will benefit your children humanly and spiritually for many years to come, as it has been for me.