On Thursday, May 15, 2014, we had our sixth annual spring gathering of liturgical ministers and volunteers from Our Lady of Mount Carmel and St. Margaret Mary. Seventy-four people attended where the topic was “Patron Saints.” Opening remarks were made by Msgr. Sean G. Ogle, Pastor.  Then, Deacon Christopher R. Heanue, led us in bilingual prayer.

The English speaking group listened to a talk by published author, Dr. John Zmirak. For the Spanish Group, the speaker was Deacon Ramon Lima.

Afterwards the groups reunited as one for coffee and a variety of sweet treats courtesy of Maria Barretta and Nina Carullo. Pictures are courtesy of Pastor, Msgr. Sean G. Ogle. Videos posted on You Tube.



Catholic approach to Alzheimer’s disease

Saturday Faith Fellowship

Remembering Jesus

Catholic approach to Alzheimer’s disease

This inspiring and insightful DVD series hosted by Dr. Vincent Fortanasce and Fr. Roger Landry, goes beyond a medical analysis of Alzheimer and other dementias, and gets people to see the person behind the disease. A must see for everyone, it presents many helpful ideas on what dementia is, and how to best care for those who have it, or to take better care of our mental and physical health to avoid dementia, or to greatly reduce the risk of getting it.

May 10:  Alzheimer’s disease, the great 21st Century epidemic

Do I have Alzheimer’s & god’s Hormonal Symphony?

May 17:  preventing Alzheimer’s

D.e.a.r. program, harmonic diet, Alzheimer’s diet, menus, medications and supplements

May 31:  exercise brawn builds brains

Accentuating the brain’s reserve, Neurobics

June 7:  stress, forgiveness and healing

Sleep, prayer – graceamine

June 14:  Alzheimer’s and spirituality

Alzheimer’s begins in childhood

June 24:  Alzheimer’s and the caregiver

Alzheimer’s disease and euthanasia

Time: 10:00 AM – 12:00 Noon

Location: Parish Institute - Lourdes Room

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Attn: Bernadette


At Our Lady of Mount Carmel in Astoria, New York, on Good Friday which this year was April 18, 2014, we contemplated on the Stations of the Cross and later in the day, the Passion of the Lord where the altar is completely bare on this most solemn day of the year. The Spanish Community reenacts the Passion starting at Mount Carmel and ending at Saint Margaret Mary. Here are a few pictures which are courtesy of Msgr. Sean Ogle and Joanna Hennessy. (Click for all pictures) Video on YouTube

Easter Vigil 2014

The Mass of the Easter Vigil was led by our main celebrant and Pastor, Msgr. Sean G. Ogle, V.F. Con-celebrating were Parochial Vicars, Father Joe Pham and Father Peter Nguyen. Also joining in this celebration was Pastor Emeritus of Saint Margaret Mary, Father Ed Brady. They were assisted by Deacons Manuel Barahona, Christopher R. Heanue and Ruben Mendez with over 400 parishioners in attendance. One Baptism and two confirmations took place on this most glorious evening, Saturday, April 19, 2014 at the mother church of Queens, in Astoria, New York. Here are a few pictures. (click for entire album) Pictures courtesy of Joanna Hennessy and Neida Martinez. Video available on YouTube

Holy Thursday

The Sacred Paschal Triduum starts on Holy Thursday with the Lord's Supper. The bi-lingual Mass was celebrated in our church on April 17, 2014 with the main celebrant, Parochial Vicar Father Peter Nguyen, con-celebrated by Pastor, Msgr. Sean G. Ogle, V.F.; Parochial Vicar, Father Joseph Pham and Father Ed Brady. Deacons Manuel Barahona, Christopher R. Heanue and Ruben Mendez assisted. The Mass is highlighted by the Washing of the Feet of the Apostles, reenacted by Father Nguyen on twelve parishioners. Here is a picture taken during Mass. Video posted on YouTube.